Should Kyle Davidson pursue Ryan Reaves?

Published May 14, 2023 at 2:25

As Ryan Reaves wraps up his one-year, $1.75 million deal with Chris Drury in New York, NHL fans everywhere are wondering where he'll end up next. There's no doubt that wherever he goes, his physical presence and ability to create space on the ice will be highly valued.

The Chicago Blackhawks are one team that may want to consider bringing Reaves on board.


Although fighting has become less common in the NHL due to the instigator rule and the need for teams to have four competitive lines, Reaves could still be a valuable asset. Signing him to a one-year discount deal would allow him to protect the young players coming up in the system, including Connor Bedard.

Reaves has experience with competitive teams such as the Vegas Golden Knights and the Gallant-era Rangers, making him a strong leader on the ice.

He could also serve as a valuable enforcer in a league where officiating can be questionable at times.

Overall, the Blackhawks could benefit from Reaves' grit and toughness, especially since they currently lack physical players after losing Lafferty and McCabe to Toronto. I

It remains to be seen where Reaves will end up, but he is sure to make an impact wherever he goes.
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Should Kyle Davidson pursue Ryan Reaves?

Should Kyle Davidson sign Ryan Reaves?

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