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Breaking: Kyle Davidson Goes Into Detail On Draft Day Plans

Published May 14, 2023 at 2:24

Currently in a rebuilding phase, the Chicago Blackhawks are strategically utilizing their available assets to propel themselves forward.

Kyle Davidson, in a recent media interview, shared insights on their draft plan which appears to be quite promising.

"I think it's probably unlikely that we make all those picks."

- Kyle Davidson on the 11 picks the Hawks have in the upcoming NHL draft

As per Davidson, the Blackhawks will not be utilizing all their available picks. Instead, they plan to upgrade their team by making use of their existing assets and possibly even move up in the draft.

Are the Blackhawks willing to trade some of these picks, specifically the second-rounders, to move up in the draft?

"It's definitely something we're exploring," Davidson told Mully & Haugh on 670 the Score. "I think the level of success we reach will be dictated by the level of player we can acquire. And logic dictates that the higher you are in the draft, the better chance you have of getting a good player. And so we're going to explore the opportunities available to us to potentially move up again."

Furthermore, the 2023 NHL Entry draft is expected to be a deep draft, and hence, a higher draft position would increase their chances of selecting their next star winger or depth grinder, depending on the team's requirements.
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Breaking: Kyle Davidson Goes Into Detail On Draft Day Plans

Will The Blackhawks trade their picks for players?

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