How is This Free-Agent not signed? Tatar seen overseas

Published August 31, 2023 at 0:32

There's something interesting to report when a 20-goal-scorer is unsigned, unloved, and unutilized by an NHL team.

Supposedly, the Penguins offered Tomas Tatar a PTO, but there have been no official announcements if any offer was made by Dubas and the Penguins.


Due to Jake Guentzel's contract, the Penguins would not be able to fit Tatar into the lineup without significant moves.

With the New Jersey Devils, Tatar recently posted his third 20-goal season in a row, but apparently, the well for the forward is bone dry at the moment.

Tatar has been seen skating with HK Propad in Slovakia this summer, so his situation may be his own creation, as he allegedly turned down offers this summer.

Other offers have not yet been announced.

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How is This Free-Agent not signed? Tatar seen overseas

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