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Blackhawks get hit with major cap charge paid to Corey Perry

Published March 16, 2024 at 4:00 PM

Corey Perry and the NHLPA have won a settlement regarding his contract termination in November from the Chicago Blackhawks.

Perry was released after an alleged alcohol-related incident that happened in Columbus before his removal from the team.


While both parties have been mum about the entirety of the situation, neither have spoken publicly about it. But Perry and the NHLPA have worked to make Perry whole concerning his termination.

The Blackhawks have been assessed a $1.99 Million cap charge, for the time after his dismissal. They have also been assessed a $1.02 Million cap charge for his time with the club.

Which Corey Perry, the NHLPA has settled with the team for a $3.01 Million cap charge.

Frank Seravalli reports, «Sounds like there is a small salary cap charge coming for Blackhawks as a result of the settlement between Chicago, Corey Perry, the NHL, and NHLPA after what Perry's camp alleged was an improper contract termination. Rather than a grievance, a financial resolution was reached.» Chris Johnston of TSN and The Athletic confirmed, «The NHL and NHLPA have resolved the Corey Perry contract termination by Chicago from earlier this season. Ultimately, no grievance was filed on the matter.»

Rather than filing a formal grievance with the NHLPA, the club and the player have resolved to accept a settlement.

Details are unknown in regards to what led to the settlement and what Perry had or hadn't admitted to, but a formal grievance would have been a lengthy process for both the club and the player to go through.

With this being settled, the Blackhawks can focus back on the business at hand and Perry can return to the Oilers, and be made whole salary-wise, while in contention for playoffs.

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Blackhawks get hit with major cap charge paid to Corey Perry

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