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Connor Bedard issues statement on the team ‘tanking'

Published March 16, 2024 at 11:25

Once again, the Chicago Blackhawks have found their second wind, as they continue to stock-pile wins.

With a healthier lineup this season than last season, the young players are contributing a lot to the team's performance. Whereas last season, the lineup was decimated to the point of a 1st round lottery selection.


Last season fans were frustrated with the possibility they might miss out on drafting Connor Bedard, which thankfully didn't happen. However, this year guys are playing without thought as to when Kyle Davidson will be making a selection in the 2024 NHL draft.

So it's a possibility that if the guys keep up the good work, there will be no tanking for Macklin Celebrini.

«We've talked about that a lot, that culture, those habits,» Bedard said on Thursday. «It's been a tough year, but if we can down the stretch build habits and that culture, have some wins, and feel good about that, it'll be huge going into next year. But none of us are thinking about next year. We're focused on every game and feel it's huge to get two points every game no matter where we're in the standings.»

Bedard was interviewed recently about the idea of tanking. He mentioned that are taking games one at a time, building wins, and building a culture to take into the next season.

The Blackhawks weren't exactly built to tank this year either., as Kyle Davidson brought in competitive veterans, such as Nick Foligno, Jason Dickinson, Corey Perry, Taylor Hall, and Petr Mrazek. Mrazek and Dickinson were given two-year extensions, which doesn't sound like a tanking culture.

While the team will need to piece together 23 contracts next season, the core of the Blackhawks future is set with Bedard, Foligno, Mrazek, Dickinson, Hall, Andreas Athanasiou, Philipp Kurashev, Ryan Donato, Seth Jones, Kevin Korchinski, and Landon Slaggert.

For now, winning is all that matters for Connor Bedard and company. Their bad season was entirely due to injuries, not roster construction.
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Connor Bedard issues statement on the team ‘tanking'

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