Kane and Toews - Together Till the End or Traded as a Pair?

Published April 22, 2022 at 11:13

Kane and Toews. Toews and Kane. Kaner and Tazer. Showtime and Captain Serious. Since 2007, that's how it's been. And when their contracts are up next year, is that how it will end?

Patrick Kane was drafted by, started playing for, and given the «A» by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2007. Jonathan Toews, though drafted in 2006, didn't join the team until 2007, when he was also given an «A». However, his «A» quickly became a «C» when he was named Captain in July of 2008 at 20. Making him the 3rd youngest in NHL history, behind Sidney Crosby and Vincent Lecavalier. And 2 years later, they were both hoisting the Stanley Cup. Then they did it again (2013). So when they were both set to become UFAs after the 2014-15 season, Chicago quickly set them up with 8 year contracts before that season even started. The Blackhawks organization was repaid with another Stanley Cup in 2015.

Before this dynamic duo joined the team, the Blackhawks had not reached the Stanley Cup final since 1992, and had not won a championship since 1961. The two young stars brought life back into the stats and the stands for this Original Six club, and for a while, a long while, the hockey was good. However, as is with everything in life, all good things must come to an end. I guess no one was really prepared for just how many endings would come at the same time.
Now with the Hawks clearly in one of the worst slumps of their entire existence, the rebuild has begun. A new GM has been named, and the post season will shed more light on the position of Head Coach. The whole organization is in a rebuild. So where does that leave the last two remnants of Chicago's first Stanley Cup in 39 years? Frustrated. It leaves them worried. It leaves them uncertain. They're fans of the game just like the rest of us, and they know it's terrible to watch. Add in the fact that they're the ones being watched, and you can only imagine how they feel. Is the team being rebuilt around them? Or in spite of them? It seems that interim turned actual GM Kyle Davidson will ultimately leave that decision up to them. In a quote taken by Charlie Roumeliotis, Davidson said, "Jonathan and Patrick are two extremely important pieces to the organization. They're definitely going to be brought into the loop.» He made sure to note that, «I'll tell you for sure that there won't be any surprises on their end in terms of what we plan on doing with the organization."


I would love to believe that 88 and 19 will always be together, and they'll leave the organization the same way they came in. But seeing some of the Captain's most recent interviews has me worried that he might be finished sooner than his partner. He's definitely had more injuries, especially recently. And even though Kane, himself, is also a fantastic leader, being the Captain comes with specific responsibilities and expectations that belong to no one else.Personally, I'm worried for Jonny's mental health as much as his physical.


I was about to say that Kane seems to be handling it better, but then I remembered his stick-smashing from last night's game against Arizona (which they ended up winning, despite blowing a 3-1 lead).

I want them to stay together, and I want them to stay in Chicago to help facilitate the rebuild, because I don't think anyone else can build the team the way it should be other than the two of them. But do I actually think it will happen? Unfortunately, I do not. But that won't stop me from rooting for them. And it shouldn't stop you, either.

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Kane and Toews - Together Till the End or Traded as a Pair?

What does Kane & Toews's future hold?

Retire together as Blackhawks.13431.3 %
One or both get traded.13732 %
Toews retires after this year.11426.6 %
Other4310 %
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