Former Blackhawks forward engages in a fistfight with Tyler Myers.

Published October 5, 2023 at 3:25

John Hayden, a 28-year-old former Chicago Blackhawks draft pick, has built a career primarily centered around playing in the bottom six and providing essential toughness to his teams, especially when scores need to be settled. Hayden was selected by the Blackhawks in the 2013 entry draft, going 13th overall in the third round.

Throughout his NHL career, he has played for five different NHL organizations, most recently with the Seattle Kraken in the previous season.

In a recent preseason game, Hayden squared off against the imposing Tyler Myers of the Vancouver Canucks.

Many believe that this fight aimed to settle the score following Myers' questionable hit on Kraken star Matty Beniers in the previous season.

During the brawl, Hayden managed to land several powerful punches on Myers, despite the significant challenge posed by Myers' size. Myers, on the other hand, hardly threw any punches in response, making it seem like the fight favored Hayden.

Given the substantial five-inch height difference between them (Hayden standing at 6 foot three and Myers towering at six foot eight), one might have expected Myers to have the upper hand, but Hayden rose to the occasion.

The Blackhawks have two preseason games remaining, where they will face off against the Minnesota Wild and the St. Louis Blues. Their regular season is set to commence on October 10th as they hit the road to take on Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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Former Blackhawks forward engages in a fistfight with Tyler Myers.

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