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Connor Bedard gets crushed in a roller hockey league game

Published May 22, 2023 at 11:57

Connor Bedard is widely recognized for his exceptional puck-handling skills and has received high praise from NHL Central Scouting.

Despite his success, Bedard continues to play hockey and has recently joined an adult roller hockey league with his friends, instead of a more competitive league that he could have easily joined, given his projected 1st overall status.

Still not sure how a team with Connor Bedard, #CBJ Kent Johnson and #2023NHLDraft Andrew Cristall is 0-2. #NSIHL

Bedard 2 GP 4-4--8
Cristall 2 GP 1-4--5
Johnson 1 GP 1-2--3

During a recent tournament that featured several other prospects such as Kent Johnson and Andrew Cristall, the unexpected occurred- they were defeated by amateur players in the league.

While this isn't a unique occurrence, it's surprising to see these prospects risking their reputation and potential injury to play in a recreational league during the off-season. However, their love for the game is understandable.

It's worth noting that fans would be disappointed if a player like Kent Johnson or Connor Bedard were to return from a recreational league with a serious injury.

Humiliating Scene as Connor Bedard Gets Crushed in an Adults Roller Hockey League
May 22   |   326 answers
Connor Bedard gets crushed in a roller hockey league game

Should Kent Johnson and Connor Bedard risk injury for amateur league play?

Yes11435 %
No21265 %
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