Surprising News about Connor Bedard surfaces

Published May 22, 2023 at 11:55

The NHL draft is approaching and many have projected Connor Bedard to be selected first overall. It's easy to assume that he would excel in all the important categories, right?

However, there has been a surprising development. Matvei Michkov has surpassed Bedard in the category of potential points achieved in their prime.

PNHLe Rankings

PNHLe measures NHL point potential in a prospect's prime.

It is based on historical values & adjusts for age, production, league and position to normalize a player's future value.

* Michkov's value doesn't include his games w/ SKA, which would decrease his value

It's worth noting that Michkov may debut in the NHL later in his career, serving as a cautionary tale.

Additionally, Michkov's statistic has been adjusted to account for his games with SKA, so it may require an asterisk. Nevertheless, Bedard is expected to be chosen first overall because he is readily available and has a faster path to the NHL.

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Surprising News about Connor Bedard surfaces

Will Michkov fall to the 3rd draft pick?

Yes5945.7 %
No2821.7 %
5th4232.6 %
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