Wholesome Hockey Content Alert - Courtesy of Connor Murphy

Published May 14, 2023 at 11:31

The Blackhawks are doing their best to fill the end of one of their worst seasons with good news and happy thoughts for the fans. First came the puppies. Then it was Captain Comeback. And now, an incredibly kind gesture by Connor Murphy for this lifelong fan.

With this great camera angle from the bench, you can see her immediately burst into the happiest tears. Plus, these acts of kindness aren't just appreciated by Chicago fans. Check out the genuine reaction from the Flames fan behind her. It's so sweet seeing people be happy for other people.

Sure, everyone wants their team to win. But I think having good people on your team helps build the fan base, just as much. Everyone wants good things to happen to good people. Chicago has had a lot of recent attendance issues, and a large part of that is due to ticket prices, sure. But as long as the team keeps putting out content like this, who wouldn't want to see it in person?

The Blackhawks have two more games on this road trip (Vancouver and Seattle), then one at home, one away and their final home game will be against Philadelphia on the 13th.

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Wholesome Hockey Content Alert - Courtesy of Connor Murphy

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