Frank Nazar skates up the wing for Team USA.
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Update on the Hawks' World Junior Prospects

Published December 29, 2023 at 10:49 PM

The World Juniors is a very exciting time for all hockey fans, including the fans who have top 5 to 10 prospect pools. For this year's WJC tournament, the Blackhawks find themselves to have six prospects representing two different countries: Slovakia and the United States. The six players are Adam Gajan, Martin Misiak, Frank Nazar, Oliver Moore, Gavin Hayes, and Sam Rinzel.

Frank Nazar continues to impress as he has six assists so far for Team USA, tying the most in that category. He also happens to have the best plus/minus with a +6.

Martin Misiak had a good day for Slovakia, tallying two assists. Adam Gajan, goaltender for Slovakia, stopped 22 of the 26 shots. However, it is worth mentioning that the three goals scored by Norway was in garbage time when they were up a ton.

Oliver Moore only had six shifts (he is performing well, so nothing to be concerned about), Gavin Hayes threw three shots at the net, and Sam Rinzel ended the day with a -1.

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Update on the Hawks' World Junior Prospects

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