Referee Takes Heavy Shot Straight to His Manhood Area

Published January 7, 2023 at 2:10 PM

Despite the hard-hitting wear and tear on NHL players who play the greatest and roughest sport of hockey, the players aren't always the only ones gaining bumps and bruises! Referees definitely have all had a scary moment throughout their career, and there has been two so far this past week.

The Detroit Red Wings hosted the Florida Panthers last night where a referee would end up taking the puck to his, uhh.. you might just have to watch it for yourself:

What a champ, the referee got up and finished the game! Now on the other hand, Colorado Avalanche forward Andrew Cogliano struck a referee in his ribs with a puck a few days ago, which ends up resulting in a goal assisted by the refs bones!

No matter what position or role you have in hockey, even being a team's coach- you must always have your head on a swivel.
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Referee Takes Heavy Shot Straight to His Manhood Area

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