Coyotes Reveal Official Home and Away Locker Rooms at Their New University 5,000 Seat Arena

Published October 28, 2022 at 12:21

With the very first NHL game set to be played tonight at the new ASU Mullett arena, here is a look at BOTH locker rooms.

Keep in mind, this is just a temporary setup while an annex is being completed adjacent to the arena.

It may not please everyone, but all this has been approved by the NHLPA and meets their requirements.

There will be the critics who say 'they should move the team elsewhere', or 'that it's an embarrassment to the league.' Think what you will but the Arizona Coyotes practiced there yesterday in preparation for their game tonight.

Many of the players had positive comments that the ice was better than anywhere they have played thus far this season.

Forward Christian Fischer had this to say about the new arena:

'There's a lot of outside talk about it, but I can tell you that all 23 guys are excited to play, forward Christian Fischer said. It's gonna be a heck of an atmosphere. The ice is great and I think that's a big thing to note. That ice is better than almost any ice we played on these last six [road] games. It's all positive things right now.'

In their old home at Gila River arena, there were numerous complaints about the ice surface not being up to standards. That can make it dangerous for players and potentially cause injuries.

Who knows if Clayton Keller would have gone crashing into the end boards last season causing him to break his leg if the ice was to blame. He seemed unable to stop in time and with a better surface that shouldn't be a problem.

What the arena lacks in size it makes up for in atmosphere. There are 13 rows in the lower bowl, it has 24 suites and 600 club seats.

While the Coyotes will be playing at Mullett arena for at least three years, there is good news about their proposal for a new arena project in Tempe, AZ.

Team president and CEO Xavier Gutierrez said a vote from the Tempe city council would come on Nov. 29, although clarity on the direction that the city is taking should come on Nov. 22.

In the meantime, the Yotes will be playing at Mullett arena.

And, it will be LOUD! As we know from other sports stadiums, the noise the crowd makes can be like having an extra player out there.

Before you take a look at the photos, no, it is not a very early April fools joke, it is real... view the photos on the next page below..

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Coyotes Reveal Official Home and Away Locker Rooms at Their New University 5,000 Seat Arena

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