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Activist Groups Lose Appeal At March On The United Center

Published March 21, 2024 at 7:56 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks will never escape controversy it seems, as they will be hosting a political convention soon.

The DNC Convention will be taking place in the United Center from August 19th to 22nd this summer. Of course, this is campaign season as Presidential campaigns kick into high gear.

One of these conventions will have protesters, but they won't be near the United Center, while all the party big-wigs gather in one place to choose their next candidate for the 2024 election.


Activist groups called Coalition To March and Students for A Democratic Society at UIC on the DNC applied for a parade permit, during the DNC Convention to protest the DNC. The permit has been denied, as the DNC will remain a politically insulated event.

The two groups had been offered alternate paths, one at Grant Park, but the groups refused as it wasn't within distance of the United Center.

Philadelphia-based Poor People's Army was granted its parade permit last month to march to the doors of the United Center on a technicality. The city missed its deadline to respond to the application and was forced to approve it. A spokeswoman for the group said Thursday that its plans haven't changed. But the group likely won't be allowed to march within the Secret Service's secured zone that could extend a couple of blocks from the United Center.

Judge Dennis Fleming declared that the city wasn't required to provide alternate routes that were visible to the United Center.

They claim the city didn't have enough resources to provide security, and that the route 3 miles away from the center, had enough visibility to be comparable to that of a route in front of the United Center.

The Blackhawks and their related home can't seem to escape controversy and add this to another blemish on their record, in tumultuous political times in the United States.
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Activist Groups Lose Appeal At March On The United Center

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