Sidney Crosby offers valuable advice to Connor Bedard.

Published October 2, 2023 at 2:17

For many children worldwide, meeting their hero or idol is a dream come true, whether they are world leaders, scientists, or artists. Many look up to professional athletes and wish to meet them in person.

Growing up and honing his craft in the game of hockey, Connor Bedard's idol was Sidney Crosby. As the years passed and Bedard's game continued to advance, it became evident that he would be selected first overall in the 2023 entry draft. After his selection, amidst the fanfare that ensued from the Chicago media through the NHL, one person took notice – Sidney Crosby himself.

Crosby sat down with Bedard during an interview, providing him with some invaluable advice as one superstar to another.

"Just enjoy it," said Crosby, as per Molinari. "I still remember so much of my first year, even all these years later. Entering new buildings, visiting new cities, and facing players you watched the year before. You're motivated for the challenge, but at the same time, you should savour it, because you only have that first year once, and there's so much that's amazing about it. He'll want to perform well, but he should also try to enjoy it as much as possible."

This advice was both sound and necessary, given the pressures that come with being in one of the largest hockey markets in the United States. Crosby also advised that Bedard should consider declining interviews more frequently, as the demands can become overwhelming.

"Maybe I would have declined a few more," Crosby continued. "There were numerous interview requests. You become quite busy, not only on the ice but also off it. You already put a lot of pressure on yourself, and he's bound to feel a tremendous amount of pressure, which is mostly self-imposed."

Regardless of the advice, the immense pressure that this young man will face in the coming seasons cannot be underestimated. However, after observing his recent interviews and his professional demeanour, I believe he will handle it without any issues.

As seen on Over the Boards - Sidney Crosby Gives Connor Bedard Important Advice on His Rookie Season
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Sidney Crosby offers valuable advice to Connor Bedard.

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