Insane Surge seen in ticket sales after Bedard annoucement

Published May 9, 2023 at 10:15

When the Blackhawks were in their no man's land team before Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane era, I can remember the announcement that the Chicago fanbase decided to boycott the team and season ticket sales and attendance dropped dramatically to show a message to the owner that a change was needed.

Once Toews and Kane were selected the team was built around them, the rest is history. It seems that history is beginning to repeat itself as the Blackhawks had the third-lowest attendance in the NHL this season.

After the NHL lottery, and Chicago won to select Connor Bedard, the organization stated that they had sold $1.9 million in season tickets within one hour.

Sometime later, this number was revised upward with the team announcing it sold over $2.5 million worth of season tickets on top of the 1.9. Safe to say, Blackhawks fans are pleased with the news about landing Conor Bedard and feel it's time to start spending again on the team they love.

Up next for the Blackhawks will be the NHL draft itself in which the Hawks will have eight draft choices in the first three rounds this summer. The draft will be held from June 28th through June 29th.
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Insane Surge seen in ticket sales after Bedard annoucement

How many goals will Connor Bedard get in his rookie year?

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