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Hockey Player Suffers Near Death Injury

Published January 7, 2023 at 0:11

A college hockey player for Army suffered a scary injury last night as he was struck with a skate blade to the neck. It is rumored to have barely missed his carotid artery and struck him in the jawbone. Eric Huss underwent successful surgery last night to repair the laceration and plans to return to West Point as soon as he is released.

«Eric Huss suffered an injury from an inadvertent skate to his neck. He was transported after a pivotal response from our trainer, Rachel Leahy. Eric underwent successful surgery to repair a severe laceration to his neck and will return to West Point today. Warrior,»

The situation could have been much worse if it hadn't been for team trainer Rachel Leahy. Rachel didn't panic in a scary situation and was pivotal in Eric Huss getting the medical attention he needed. We all wish Eric Huss the best and for a speedy recovery.

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Hockey Player Suffers Near Death Injury

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