Connor Bedard takes a shot at teammate Seth Jones following a win

Published December 8, 2023 at 11:23

In a recent interview, Connor Bedard didn't hold back when discussing the Chicago Blackhawks' power play, hinting at improvements after a significant shake-up that involved removing Seth Jones from the top unit.

Bedard remarked, "The power play feels like it's getting a lot better." Notably, the Blackhawks have found the back of the net in three of their last five games, coinciding with the decision to demote Jones and introduce 19-year-old Kevin Korchinski into the top power play unit.

The move appears to be a strategic demotion for Jones, as he now finds himself on the second power play unit. Korchinski, a young talent, has stepped into the power play unit 1 spot, reflecting the Blackhawks' commitment to diversifying their approach and injecting youthful energy into their special teams.

Head coach Luke Richardson shed light on the team's evolving strategy, stating, "We've talked about just turning up into a speed breakout and not doing the drop — throwing a different wrench at teams." Said Richardson.

This shift in approach signals a willingness to experiment and adapt to maximize offensive opportunities.

As the Blackhawks continue to fine-tune their power play dynamics, the decision to restructure and the subsequent comments from Bedard underscore the team's commitment to innovation and improvement. The evolving power play strategy aims to keep opponents on their toes while harnessing the talents of emerging stars like Bedard and Korchinski.
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Connor Bedard takes a shot at teammate Seth Jones following a win

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