Chicago Blackhawks vs Arizona Coyotes Full Game Highlights

Published April 21, 2022 at 3:15

The Blackhawks face off against the Arizona coyotes for a late 10:00 game.

First Period:

The Blackhawks opened the scoring early, the earliest they have all season just under 42 seconds in making the game 1-0. The Blackhawks were all over the Arizona Coyotes, every Blackhawk was throwing hits which is unusual but a good sign of heart. The Blackhawks blow a chance at a powerplay and to go up 2-0 with one too many missed chances and great defending by the Coyotes.

The Blackhawks dominating defensively, Coyotes only register their first shot 9 minutes into the game, shots are 8-1 Blackhawks. Blackhawks Borgstrom draws a penalty with his speed and the Blackhawks head to their second powerplay of the night, Blackhawks look very sloppy and the Coyotes goaltender plays huge in the very little opportunities from Chicago.

Jonathan Toews takes a bad hooking penalty and the Coyotes head to the powerplay in hope to tie the game at one with 7 minutes left, but they fail to do so giving up a breakaway during their own powerplay but the Coyotes goaltender stays hot.

The Blackhawks would continue to stay hot and dominate possession, Dominik Kubalik scoring his 2nd in 3 games with under 5 minutes left in the first period to make it 2-0 Blackhawks.

Second Period:


With the Blackhawks finishing all of their checks it seems as if the Coyotes are down to only 11 forwards.

Thirteen minutes left in the second we see our first bit of action of the second period as a Coyote ran over Blackhawks goaltender Kevin Lankinen, and the Blackhawks will look to make their lead 3 goals as they headed to the powerplay but come up short.

The Coyotes become more hungry for a goal, and they sure get that with 7 minutes remaining in the second period- Lankinen makes not one, not two but three amazing saves before a puck trickled in. The Blackhawks coaches challenged the goal for goaltender interference, and it is determined it is a good goal.

Intensity picks up and we have a fight between Sam Lafferty and a Arizona Coyote from some rough stuff after the whistle and that will cut off the second period, 3-1 Blackhawks.

Third period:

Well, you will have to see for yourself:

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Chicago Blackhawks vs Arizona Coyotes Full Game Highlights

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