Red Wings' Patrick Kane's reputation tarnished by his own teammate

May 4, 2024  (10:51)

Patrick Kane and David Perron exit interviews
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In a season that followed with exit interviews, David Perron of the Detroit Red Wings stands out for taking a different path than his counterparts, including Patrick Kane. While Kane made it clear that he's done in Detroit and won't be returning, Perron chose the opposite course and showed up Kane.

During the exit interviews, Perron expressed his desire to continue with the Red Wings, emphasizing his commitment to the team and the city.
«I like it here,» Perron said. «It's a pretty special place. This building was the best this year. Every single comeback we had, there was a reason we had them. We just felt their support, the fans were incredible, the city in general. For me and my family, we really enjoy it here. There's no reason at this point to think of anywhere else. I hope it works out. It just feels a little bit more like home in terms of the temperature, the four seasons we have here,» he said. «Maybe because my kids get older and start making roots with friends. It's almost like I don't play for myself anymore, you play for your family and kids. I play through them, what their experience is.»

In contrast to Kane's departure, Perron's decision reflects his loyalty and dedication to the organization.
Even the teams general manager, Steve Yzerman backed up Perron, unlike he did with Kane's statement:
«This guy's been around for a long time,» Yzerman said. «He's a Stanley Cup champion (with St. Louis in 2019). He can handle the pressure; he actually thrives on it. He loves the challenge; he is a tremendous leader. I see that on the ice. He's a take-charge guy and the moment's not too big for him. He competes hard, he's determined, and he's a real professional. He has a real positive impact on our team.»

As the offseason unfolds, Perron's decision to stay with the Red Wings signals a positive direction for both him and the team. While Kane's exit marks the end of an era, Perron's commitment offers a beacon of hope for the future of the Red Wings franchise.
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Red Wings' Patrick Kane's reputation tarnished by his own teammate

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