Connor Bedard in a fishbowl

Connor bedard speaks on his first NHL fight

Published February 21, 2024 at 2:08

With 39 points, Connor Bedard leads all rookies in the NHL this season after 42 games.

This future superstar center has a skillful shot and ridiculous stickhandling abilities.


In terms of fighting, we have yet to see Bedard put his body on the line.

We do not expect him to be Dave "The Hammer" Schultz, so the idea of him fighting is a bit absurd. That didn't stop the question from being asked.

While Bedard's jaw is healing, a reporter asked about the fishbowl he is currently wearing.

The reporter asked Bedard if he would ever fight with the fish bowl on, considering how much more advantage he would have.

While he mentioned how much protection the fishbowl would provide in a fight, he wasn't sure when he would fight, if ever.

Would Nick Foligno or Jarred Tinordi still have a job here if Bedard learned how to fight?

In any case, it's amusing to think about while Bedard is currently competing for the Calder Trophy.
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Connor bedard speaks on his first NHL fight

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