Blackhawks forwards true colors exposed in unbelievable viral story on the web

Published February 6, 2024 at 11:56 PM
Nick Foligno, now with the Chicago Blackhawks, is known for his skills on and off the ice and that is exactly why he was brought in.

Before joining the Blackhawks on a one-year, $4 million deal, Foligno was a beloved member of the Boston Bruins, making a positive impact in the community and being an All-Star teammate.

Louie DeBrusk, an analyst for the Edmonton Oilers and a former NHL player, shared a heartwarming story about Foligno's kindness.

When DeBrusk's son, Jake DeBrusk, got injured, Foligno and his wife provided support by preparing and delivering meals during Jake's recovery.

"Louie DeBrusk just said on the Oilers broadcast that when Jake DeBrusk was hurt Nick Foligno and his wife made him food and brought it over. That's an outrageously believable story. Foligno is the best"

This story is just one example of Foligno's leadership, evident during his time with the Blackhawks this season.

Before Foligno made his return to Boston this season, Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery spoke highly of Foligno, describing him as an "incredibly thoughtful teammate and person."

Stories like DeBrusk's highlight Foligno's true colors and make his $4.5M two year deal that he recently signed well worth it, showcasing his ability to set a positive example in Chicago, particularly for young players like star rookie Connor Bedard and defenseman Kevin Korchinski within the Blackhawks' roster.
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Blackhawks forwards true colors exposed in unbelievable viral story on the web

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