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Disgusting revelation involving Connor Bedard and players from Team Canada

Published January 4, 2024 at 10:01
In a deeply regrettable turn of events, young players from Team Canada Junior, aged 17 to 20, have become targets of hateful messages and threats on social media following their recent defeat against the Czech Republic.

Losing a heartbreaker with a goal scored just eleven seconds from the end made the defeat tough enough for these players, and now they must endure the added burden of online abuse.

The situation is truly sad. While disappointment from fans is understandable, it in no way justifies the reprehensible threats and hate messages directed at Team Canada players. Fraser Minten, the team's captain and a prospect for the Toronto Maple Leafs, has been singled out for the fans' anger.

This has also brought Connor Bedard into the situation as many fans are claiming it is his fault or that the outcome would've been different if the Chicago Blackhawks and Bedard granted the 18-year old sensation permission to play in the 2023-24 World Juniors.

"I understand that people in Canada are disappointed with the QF loss, but it's disheartening to hear that some of the players are being subjected to nasty personal messages on social media. There's no need for that, they did their best and lost. Two years ago Canada won a gold medal in OT after a miraculous goal line save by Mason McTavish, last year they won the QF in OT on Conor Bedard's goal after a deflected Slovak shot hit the shaft of Thomas Milic's stick. It happens."


These young athletes do not deserve such treatment, and we must loudly condemn these unacceptable actions. It's crucial that they receive support from good-hearted individuals to help them navigate through this distressing situation.

As genuine fans and supporters, we should aspire to be better than this. Gord Miller highlighted the players receiving hate simply for being part of the team, emphasizing that such behavior is uncalled for.

He reminded everyone that losses are part of the game, and these players did their best.

The report also shed light on Oliver Bonk, who faced attacks on his Instagram after a play that wasn't even his fault.

Bonk, known for being open about his mental health with a tattoo of a semicolon emphasizing support for suicide, put his account on private, showcasing the sick and disturbing behavior exhibited by grown adults attacking a teenager participating in a hockey tournament.

It's a stark reminder that, even in defeat, humanity and decency should always come first.

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Disgusting revelation involving Connor Bedard and players from Team Canada

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