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An unexpected salary is revealed for a number one goalie in the PWHL

Published March 29, 2024 at 7:17 PM

The PWHL is having a successful inaugural season, where Montreal PWHL and Toronto faced off, in front of 19K fans in Scotiabank Arena.

With the newfound success of the league, questions arise such as pay for players in the league.


The topic was recently covered during the Stanley25 Podcast, which discussed female hockey players' earnings in the PWHL.

«In your opinion, how much does a starting goaltender in the PWHL make?

[His colleague, Maxime Truman, answered that he believed the figure was around $50,000 to $60,000 per year]

It's a bit more! It's below Cole Caufield's salary for an advertisement ($100,000), but it's a bit more than that.» - Jean Trudel

According to sources, a number one goalie in the PWHL would currently earn between $60,000-$100,000 a year.

Montreal's goalie Anee-Renee Desbien, could be earning a salary similar to the aforementioned salary above.

Which compared an NHL player who rakes in millions, seems a minuscule salary, but an improvement compared to where female hockey player's salaries were.

This is still life-changing money for many PWHL players, who prior to the new contracts held a position in the PWHL and a 2nd job in order to keep the dream alive.

Now the PWHL continues its growth and is looking to expand.

The PWHL has some famous supporters, as seen below in Carey Price!

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An unexpected salary is revealed for a number one goalie in the PWHL

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