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Gary Bettman resigning: Development continues but will his future?

Published March 29, 2024 at 6:13 PM

With Chris Simon's death in the news, Gary Bettman's handling of CTE is again making the news. With Alan Walsh being one of Bettman's agitators, who consistently calls him out, you can be sure he won't let this die down.

Enforcers have been bearing the brunt of the brutality of the game, as Simon wasn't the only one to suffer from CTE, as Rick Rypien and Steve Montador, who suffered silently as Gary Bettman and the NHL dropped the ball in regards to treatment.

The league has never denied to this day that hockey and CTE are linked, and maintain the denialism that will harm more players in the future.


Allan Walsh, who is an infamous or famous player agent, depending upon where you stand on the topic, hasn't let Bettman live his terrible decisions down.

He continues his campaign against Bettman, now calling for the NHL's first and only commissioner to resign.

Walsh isn't one to hold his tongue, as he is one of the NHL's personalities who stands on the side of the players.

It's time for everyone with a stake in the game to demand Gary Bettman be removed as NHL commissioner. His continued denial of CTE is not acceptable. The owners, players, media and fans have the collective power to demand he step down.

How many more Gary? - Allan Walsh

With numerous studies and evidence on Walsh's side, the credibility of the league and Bettman has always diminished year after year and this topic is no different.

The league is afraid to even begin to face the music in regards to CTE or else they'd be on the bill for another terminal disease and that'd cut into NHL profits of course.

Asked Bill Daly whether the NHL's viewpoint has changed with additional medical studies that show a definitive link between CTE and repeated blows to the head.

«No,» Daly said. «I think the science is still lacking.»- Bill Daly

Bettman and Bill Daly would rather fall on their swords than do the right thing and Walsh is right to call them out.

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Gary Bettman resigning: Development continues but will his future?

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