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Blackhawks on verge of completing three signings

Published March 29, 2024 at 7:16 PM

The NHL 2024 trade deadline, was very fleeting and with the major moves that did occur, the league has been significantly changed. It will be a while before we see major movement again, until July likely.

Today we're looking at our own Chicago Blackhawks, who will have a significant amount of cap space.

As of today they have $10 Million to work with and will need to consider re-signings in the future.

The 2020 1st-round draft pick, Lukas Reichel could be a candidate for extension, given his potential upside. The team will need all the help they can get and hope that Reichel can deliver on that potential soon, if he is extended, a bridge deal is likely, as the team will want him to "prove it" as he has to continue to overcome his recent struggles.


The veteran forward and Stanley Cup winner, Tyler Johnson could be a good short-term extension. The forward adds needed experience to the roster and had a great 2023-2024 season.

A pending RFA who will need to be signed, should Kyle Davidson deem him a necessary player in the lineup is, Taylor Raddysh.

While his season in 2023-2024 wasn't his greatest, he isn't far removed from his 20-goal season in 2022-203.

He could also be another candidate for a bridge deal, to prove his ability to be consistent in the NHL.

There should be plenty enough cap space to sign all of them, should Davidson go that route, but Reichel or Raddysh should be a priority first.

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Blackhawks on verge of completing three signings

Who should the Blackhawks extend?

Taylor Raddysh6933.3 %
Tyler Johnson5928.5 %
Lukas Reichel7938.2 %
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