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Connor Bedard and Steven Stamkos
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Chicago Blackhawks to bring in $38M of reinforcements for Bedard

Published April 22, 2024 at 8:06

Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson recently stressed the importance of team building, especially after a challenging season where injuries to players like Connor Bedard and Taylor Hall impacted the team's performance.

As they gear up for the offseason, bolstering offensive support is a top priority for the Blackhawks.

With a substantial $38 million projected in cap space, Davidson is determined to bring in major reinforcements to support players like Bedard.

Several key names in free agency might just be available for Davidson and the Blackhawks this off-season, such as Steven Stamkos, Sam Reinhart, Jake Guentzel, Elias Lindholm and even defensemen Brandon Montour.

According to Davidson, while making the playoffs next year might be tough, he expects the team to improve. He plans to shake up the roster and bring in new players to create healthy competition.

While winning the Stanley Cup next season might be a stretch, Davidson's vision is clear: it's time to aim higher and build up. This means the Blackhawks are gearing up to take a big step forward, moving closer to contender status.

For loyal Blackhawks fans who have endured tough times, this signals the end of a challenging rebuilding phase. With management fully committed to leading the team to success, there's a sense of hope in the air.
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Chicago Blackhawks to bring in $38M of reinforcements for Bedard

If the Blackhawks could sign only one of these 2024-25 free agents, who would/should it be?

Stamkos22236.9 %
Montour7712.8 %
Guentzel19231.9 %
Other11118.4 %
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