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Two NHL stars sue multi-million dollar company over online scandal

Published April 22, 2024 at 0:01

A pair of NHL star defensemen, John Carlson and Charlie McAvoy, have started a legal case against a marketing company, claiming it used their pictures wrongly. The case, talked about by sports reporter Jason Morrin, was filed in New York against a company called IF Management.

Morrin says the case accuses IF Management of wrongly using Carlson and McAvoy's names and pictures.

Both players were being represented by Alexander Aigen, who worked with IF Management until October 2023. After Aigen left, the company still kept using the players' pictures without permission.

''Star NHL Defensemen Charlie McAvoy and John Carlson sue IF Management and its owner for alleged false and unauthorized use of their NIL (name, image, likeness). Both players are represented by Alexander Aigen for marketing. Aigen entered into an employment agreement with IF in October, 2022, but was terminated without cause in October, 2023. Carlson and McAvoy allege IF continued to use their likenesses thereafter without permission.''

Morrin says Carlson and McAvoy wanted to leave IF Management in November 2023.

In January 2024, they sent a letter asking IF Management to take down their pictures from its websites.

The lawsuit filed by Carlson and McAvoy has six complaints in total, but it doesn't mention how much money they want. McAvoy and Carlson have a combined yearly salary of $17.5M, so clearly getting money in return is not their goal, more-so privacy and proper use of their photos on social media.

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Two NHL Defensemen sue company over use of their likeness
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Two NHL stars sue multi-million dollar company over online scandal

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