Derek King Explains Why Dylan Strome Has Become A Healthy Scratch Again.

Published December 10, 2021 at 2:26 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks put together a rare win yesterday when they shut out the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal. That team however, did not feature Dylan Strome. Strome was in the doghouse for the majority of the end of Jeremy Colliton's time in Chicago and it seems he's right back in the doghouse now under new head coach Derek King. Strome was a healthy scratch last night. The Blackhawks head coach explained why. «We keep pounding it in him — the big thing with him is, he's going to have to change his game a little bit to play,» King said.
«You can't base everything on points, right?» King elaborated. «It's [about] the trust factor. When we're late in the game and I need to go to three lines, is he going to be that guy on one of those three lines that I can trust on a D'-zone faceoff, or when trapped in our end? And right now, we're just not trusting each other to that extent.«He has a lot more to give, and he realizes that. Has he been playing better? For sure, he has. But it's those little details of the game.»What do you think of King's comments?

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