Andrew Shaw Calls Out NHL Over Jujhar Khaira Hit.

Published December 9, 2021 at 4:05 PM

"It was a scary scene to see this week and lots of fans and players are disappointed that there's been no suspension handed out because of it. That of course is Jacob Trouba's big hit on Jujhar Khaira. Khaira was knocked out cold and had to be stretched off the ice and sent to the hospital. The play was deemed legal because Khaira had his head down. However many are arguing that doesn't give somebody the right to completely destroy another player. One person who's not too happy with the non-suspension is former Blackhawk, Andrew Shaw. Shaw took to Twitter to voice his opinion. "So NHL Player Safety we gunna see you protect your players or you gunna just point the finger at Jujhar saying he put himself in the position like you told me on many occasions?"What do you think of Shaw's comments?


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