Who Will Be The Next Blackhawks Captain?

Published May 13, 2023 at 11:17

The Chicago Blackhawks and fans gave Jonathan Toews, the proper send off in the last game of the season.

It was a very emotional night at the United Center as the Blackhawks captain is leaving the franchise after so many great moments.

He is the greatest captain in the history of the franchise, It is going to be hard to replace a guy like that.

Blackhawks fans probably don't want to hear about or talk about the possibility of a new captain, but eventually the team will name a new captain for the franchise.

The organization may wait for a bit, maybe later into the 2023-24 season but they also might name a more short-term one for a year or two.

With that in mind, here are some possible candidates for the Blackhawks and fans to think about:


Seth Jones

Years with the team: 2
150 GP, 17 G, 71 A, 88 Pts

The 28 year old defensman, has played in over 700 games. He was acquired and given a hefty contract, which either the Hawks can try and dump on someone else or work with it. It was a bad move by Stan Bowman but Jones has shown he can be a real leader for his club, as he may earn the «C» if he continues.


Connor Bedard

Years with the team: 0
WHL: 119 GP, 122 G, 121 A, 243 Pts

Yes, I know this sounds insane. But hear me out, Connor McDavid was named the Oilers captain just a year into his career. As he showed himself as a leader and was able to bring the team success. Connor Bedard, has the experience already. Leading the Regina Pats to the WHL Calder Cup Playoffs this year, well wearing the «C» and being a great leader on and off the ice. Depending on when the Blackhawks made Bedard captain, he could be become not just the youngest Blackhawk captain, (by 3 years), but the youngest captain in NHL history. Beating Connor McDavid by at least a year, as Bedard is still 17 heading into the draft.

Check out the original graphic made by Dylan Robillard (@dyl2creative)


Connor Murphy

Years with the team: 6
373 GP, 26 G, 58 A, 84 Pts

Probably the most deserving guy on this list, adding another Connor into the mix with Connor Murphy. 6 year long Blackhawk defenseman. As not all captains have a letter just because they're good on the ice. Many captains are given the letter because of the leadership they have inside the locker room, as well behind the scenes. Especially players who go out of their way to work within the community and help others. Connor Murphy fits this role perfectly, as he might not be the most productive guy, as he is more of a stay at home defenseman. He is a very strong leader and positive guy in the city of Chicago.
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Who Will Be The Next Blackhawks Captain?

Who Will Be The Next Blackhawks Captain?

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