The Patrick Kane Trade That Could Happen Shortly..

Published April 2, 2022 at 6:49 PM

Patrick Kane has spent a total of 15 NHL seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks since being drafted, being a key part/piece of the dynasties early 2010's productivity as well as Stanley Cup wins. As trade rumours on the 33 year old Patrick can heat up, as Blackhawks GM (general manager) has mentioned in interviews prior to the trade deadline that "Anybody is available for the right price, i do not believe in protecting a player, if there is value-why not?".

A spot on comparison, would be 34 year old Claude Giroux, drafted by the Flyers the same year as Patrick Kane- and the same amount of seasons tallied up with their original drafted teams. Claude Giroux finally determined enough was enough, and that he is in his later career years and now is the time to make the most out of it. Claude Giroux made it challenging for the Flyers staff to move him as he only submitted one team he was willing to go to prior to the trade deadline. It was clear that Florida was his destination chosen, and clear he was in a win now mindset.

When does Patrick Kane have the same thoughts? Especially since the Blackhawks have made it clear a "full" rebuild is taking place, why would a NHL superstar like Patrick Kane want to soak his last few NHL seasons up on a team like that.

Artemi Panarin (Kanes former linemate) was traded away after a impressive 30 goal-70 point season on Patrick Kanes fellow wing. Kane that season, having his second best career season, with 40 goals and 106 points clearly felt like the Kane-Panarin duo was the new face of the Blackhawks. After this season, kind of like the Claude Giroux situation Kane only has one more season left as a Chicago Blackhawk and a NMC (no movement clause) that can be waived at any point by Patrick Himself.

Kane was heartbroken with the Blackhawks when they shipped Panarin off, as he should. The two top wingers on the Blackhawks shared a like-no-other friendship with each other on and off the ice. Kane has been asked multiple times on the Panarin situation and whatnot, and each time his response sticks to "I would love to be able to play with him again, it would be a long process to go through-but it would be amazing", and has also shied away saying "My future with the Blackhawks is not at a time to be discussed and will be discussed during the off season.

The New York Rangers have tossed former 1st overall pick Alexis Lafrenier's name around plenty into trade rumours, as well as other good youth pieces they have that would very likely entertain the Blackhawks and their rebuild plan.

Lets take a look at Kane & Panarins friendship, highlights and other clips:

The Rangers & Hawks faceoff, Kane and Panarin make sure they get a talk in:

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The Patrick Kane Trade That Could Happen Shortly..

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