Kevin Lankinen ROBS Former Teammate Brandon Hagel on a Sure Goal Chance (VIDEO)

Published April 2, 2022 at 3:19 PM

There has been plenty of talk of Kevin Lankinen not returning to the Chicago Blackhawks after this season, as he is on the last season of his contract before becoming a UFA (unrestricted free agent) and has to make his own choice on his whereabouts, and if he wants to be relied on as a starting goaltender for the rebuilding Blackhawks.

Since Fleury has been moved, Lankinen has showed up big in BIG scoring chances. Not very much support for the young goaltender as the Blackhawks blue line is shaky, but Kevin has been trying his best.

The likely hood of Lankinen being gone..

WATCH: Lankinen robs Hagel + more recent highlights

Hagels return was not too very heartfelt, as 6 foot 6 Alex Vlasic took a run at Hagel in the corner.

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