Pat Foley And Dale Tallon, One Last Time

Published April 10, 2022 at 2:23 PM

As many Blackhawks fans are aware, Pat Foley's time as the teams play-by-play commentator is sadly coming to an end later this month. Tonight however, Blackhawks fans will be able to hear him one more time alongside probably his most famous partner from his time with the Blackhawks, Dale Tallon. Tallon was a former Blackhawks player (among other teams in his career), who moved into the booth once his playing career was over.

Over the years, Pat Foley and Dale Tallon have had many memorable calls that fans have fond memories. But the infamous "wee-knee" call is definitely towards the top of the list of their all-time calls simply for how hilarious it is.

The Blackhawks were going up against the Ottawa Senators when Eric Daze fired a wrist shot towards the net that was blocked by Sean Hill, who was injured on the play. In real time, Foley and Tallon thought the puck had struck Hill in the knee. But after the replay, it was clear it hit Hill in a much more painful are, and Tallon's response was golden. Take a look here:


The silence after is what makes this even more hilarious. Because we know they were laughing while trying to keep it together on air. And that is just one of many memorable calls that those two have had together. They'll do it one last time tonight as the Blackhawks host the Dallas Stars.
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Pat Foley And Dale Tallon, One Last Time

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