NHL Teams and Fans Are Not Happy With PK's Subban's Recent Comments

Published May 25, 2023 at 12:50

In a thrilling showdown last night, the Florida Panthers clashed with the Carolina Hurricanes in the highly anticipated Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final. The Panthers showcased their dominance, clinching a 4-3 victory to sweep the series and secure their spot in the Stanley Cup Final.

However, the game was not devoid of controversy, particularly when Sam Bennett delivered a forceful hit to Jaccob Slavin during the first period.

Although the referees did not penalize the play, witnessing a player sprawled on the ice in such a manner is undoubtedly disconcerting, Slavin was unable to stand on his own two feet after attempting to get up for the second time and was clearly unwell.

Former NHL defenseman PK Subban now finds himself at the center of attention with his new broadcast journey, facing criticism for celebrating a hit that likely resulted in Slavin suffering a concussion if not much more.

In a tweet capturing the moment, Subban wrote, "Playoff hockey💨💨💨🚚."

Given Subban's history of playing a hard-hitting style, it comes as no surprise that he revels in witnessing monumental collisions on the ice. However, fans have been vehemently critical of Subban's response to the hit and his accompanying video caption.

This is one of many occasions Subban has been surrounded by controversy in just under one year since joining his new job as a broadcaster.

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NHL Teams and Fans Are Not Happy With PK's Subban's Recent Comments

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