Andrew Shaw Causes Trouble Amongst the Chicago Blackhawks fan base

Published May 25, 2023 at 10:24

Andrew Shaw had a long career with the Chicago Blackhawks organization but was cut short by a concussion in February of 2020. Despite being on injured reserve, he was advised by his doctors to retire from playing hockey. Before his injury, he served as the You Can Play Ambassador for the Montreal Canadiens, a role he held since 2017.

Since retiring, Shaw has kept himself busy as an ambassador for Ducky Brand Clothing and the Chicago Blackhawks.

However, his recent comments on the Raw Knuckle Podcast drew some ire:

I always liked Andrew Shaw. When I spoke with him last year about homophobic language in sports (he was once suspended for it), he was thoughtful and self-reflective and mature. But it's pretty obvious he doesn't always think before he speaks. This is a real bad look.

If the #Blackhawks stopped using Andrew Shaw as a team/brand ambassador, that'd be fine.

During an appearance on the Raw Knuckles Podcast, he discussed Coach Quenneville and spoke candidly about the situation, though he perhaps should have chosen his words more carefully.

Shaw ultimately placed the blame on Beach for the circumstances he faced.

"As a 20 year I would never put myself in the situation Kyle was in"


In the end, Shaw ultimately centered his coach and teammates rather than a teammate who suffered and was ultimately forgotten by the Blackhawks until recently.

The comments are despicable and show a lack of empathy for someone who helped Shaw early in his career.
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Andrew Shaw Causes Trouble Amongst the Chicago Blackhawks fan base

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