NHL Prospect Under Investigation by Police After a Bloody Brawl

Published December 9, 2022 at 10:39

An NHL prospect is under investigation for what seems to be assault.

New York Rangers prospect Adam Sykora, who was drafted 63rd overall in the 2022 NHL draft, is under investigation after a brawl occurred during his schools floor ball (floor hockey) tournament.

Sykora allegedly started the brawl himself after he grabbed another players throat.

Slovak news outlet Pravda provided the following information:

Translated into English:

At the end of the match against Zlatı Moravci, one of the visiting team should have fouled Sıkora. The conflict escalated into a brawl involving several players. After the fight, a Zlatı Moraviec player was left lying on the ground covered in blood, and ended up in the hospital with a fractured jaw.

"So, as a person who was there and watched it from the stands, it was caused by a tackle on Sıkora, which was on the verge of a foul, even though as a floorball player I would not consider it a foul. After this tackle, Adam Sıkora ran after the guy, what's wrong with him he did and grabbed him by the neck.

Subsequently, the other players of Nitra also ran into the fight and started fighting there, and then almost everyone fought. There is an injured player from Zlaty Moraviec who Molnár totally beat with his fists," reads one of the reactions on Twitter.

Slovakian fans were in hopes to see Sykora at the World Juniors which takes place in just a few weeks, but now questions are raised if he will attend or not due to the ongoing investigation.

Source: Bladesofsteel.com
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NHL Prospect Under Investigation by Police After a Bloody Brawl

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