Blackhawks Goaltender Praises One Surprising Hawks Forward

Published December 9, 2022 at 2:25

The worst was confirmed just a few weeks ago for Blackhawks goaltender Alex Stalock, after taking a hard hit from New York Islanders forward Casey Cizikas, Stalock found himself in concussion protocol, which has now lasted a entire month.

The collision which caused the injury can be seen below:

That play landed Casey Cizikas a game misconduct, which does not compare to the 30+ days that Stalock has been battling concussion issues while in protocol.

Usually when you see a teams' goaltender get hit in any manner, somebody steps up, but in this case not a single Blackhawks player did, and this has got to be the worst hit a goalie has received in quite some time.

Although many Blackhawks may have forgotten about the incident, one sure didn't, and that's forward Reese Johnson who does not get a lot or attention in Chicago.

After the Stalock injury the Blackhawks were lined up to face off against the Islanders in one months time, Reese Johnson wasted no time in dropping the gloves with Cizikas, as he should!

Stalock was asked his feelings about the hit he endured, as well as Reese Johnson fighting for him, Stalock's comments can be viewed below in the following interview:

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Blackhawks Goaltender Praises One Surprising Hawks Forward

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