Famous NHL YouTuber makes bold predictions about Bedard in Chicago

Published May 10, 2023 at 10:27

When it comes to the NHL and YouTube, one of the most famous YouTubers happens to be Toronto Maple Leafs superfan, Steve Dangle. Dangle's recognition and rise to fame has been going on since 2007 when he began to make YouTube videos called LFR or Leafs Fan Reaction.

Dangle's best known for his tirades and bonkers remarks toward the Maple Leafs whenever they're playing poorly. They are highly entertaining and have given him credentials with one of Canada's leading sports channels Sportsnet.

During the countdown for the Connor Bedard announcement, Dangle's podcast was on the air and was asked by the NHL.com what their thoughts were in terms of how high Bedard would go in terms of points in his first year.

Dangle offered an extremely high number for the rookie.

It's certainly interesting to see if Connor Bedard will live up to Steve Dangle's prediction. With the team currently at the beginning of its rebuilding phase, I have a hard time believing that his number would be achieved.

I do believe however it will not take long to reach that number but I don't think it will happen next year.
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Famous NHL YouTuber makes bold predictions about Bedard in Chicago

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