Ex-Blackhawks centre recounts Cup winning goal 10 years later

Ryan Hall
June 24, 2023  (2:42)

It came down to 17 seconds with two goals scored, that's how it was well known when Blackhawks centerman Dave Bolland scored the winning goal in game six of the 2013 Stanley Cup final.

This goal capped the cup for the Blackhawks and will always be a great moment in the Blackhawks' history.
Charlie Roumeliotis of the Blackhawks Insider sat down with Mr. Bolland and both went over that cup win and that entire season.
"My body feels like it's 10 years," Bolland laughed. "It does feel like it was yesterday. It's always fun. I know Instagram, it always pops up there, and it always pops up back home in Canada on TSN. ... It doesn't feel 10, but it's crazy."

It began with a 24-game point streak that saw the Blackhawks win 21 games and only lost three in overtime to put them in the playoffs.
"It wasn't kind of like our 2010 team, that 2010 team, we were pretty stacked and we kind of knew that we had something going there and that we had a good team," Bolland said. "The 2013 team was kind of like, we have a good team, but just didn't feel like the 2010 team, so for me, it was a surprise when we racked up the 21-0-3 record. So during that little run there, I was like, 'OK, we're feeling it. I think we got something going here.'"

Bolland has long since retired from the game, and spent time with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Florida Panthers when his career ended in 2016. He played 433 games, scored 85 goals with 123 assists for 208 points he was a + 34.
Bolland also mentioned that Chicago will always have a special place in his heart as he felt it was his home and he would return to go be with his teammates and former teammates at their summer homes.
"I love coming back to Chicago," Bolland said. "That was my home. A lot of guys would leave during the summer and go back to their summer houses. I used to stay in Chicago all year around and got to know people outside the rink. I've known great people and still friends today that live in Chicago.

"The Chicago fans have always been the best. I know when you're down, they can get on you pretty well. But when you're up, they're your biggest fans. I love the Chicago fans. I love Chicago. I miss it all the time. ... Chicago fans were always great to me. They're the best fans ever."
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Ex-Blackhawks centre recounts Cup winning goal 10 years later

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