This trade makes sense for the Chicago Blackhawks

Published June 24, 2023 at 0:23

As free-agency approaches on July 1st, the trade market is heating up, generating excitement among hockey fans.

After the buzz surrounding Connor Bedard will end after the draft, it will shift to the 2023 free agency class, with Erik Karlsson's name among those being discussed.

Heard the talk about #SJSharks looking to unload Erik Karlsson. What about Karlsson for Seth Jones?

Jones (turning 29) 7x$9.5
Karlsson (33) 4x$11.5

4.5 yrs younger, $2M less but 3 more years on the deal. #Blackhawks

Despite his expensive contract, Karlsson had a standout year, earning 100+ points.

However, the offensive defenseman has requested a trade from his current team, the San Jose Sharks, and is now looking to join a team of his choosing.

Recently, a Twitter user proposed a trade scenario in which the Chicago Blackhawks acquire Karlsson in exchange for Seth Jones.

This move could potentially benefit both teams, as Karlsson would stay with the Blackhawks throughout their rebuild and help them reach the cap floor, while Jones would provide much-needed cap space for the Sharks to sign ELC's or call-up AHL players.

Who says no? Keep in mind, Karlsson has a NTC.
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This trade makes sense for the Chicago Blackhawks

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