Ryan O'Reilly may not be a Leaf, so why not a Blackhawk?

Published June 24, 2023 at 0:23

To meet their cap floor requirements and provide the necessary support to their key players, the Chicago Blackhawks need to fill some spots in their lineup.

As they prepare for Connor Bedard's arrival after the draft, they must strategize for the long-term success of their rebuild.

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This involves acquiring veteran talent who can guide and mentor their young players.

One promising option is Ryan O'Reilly, a Stanley Cup champion who consistently performs well in the postseason.

Now a free agent, he could be a valuable addition to the Blackhawks at a reasonable price. Moreover, he could take on multiple roles including mentoring Bedard.

O'Reilly's recent resurgence in Toronto after a tough season shows that he still has a lot to offer.

Although O'Reilly's current asking price may have priced him out of Toronto, he could fit well into Chicago's situation.

He is currently asking for either $6.25 million for 3 years or $20-25 million for 4 years.
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Ryan O'Reilly may not be a Leaf, so why not a Blackhawk?

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