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Connor Bedard In Upper Deck's 2023 24 Series 1!

Published October 19, 2023 at 8:57

The highly anticipated 2023-24 Upper Deck Series One hockey cards have made their grand entrance into the world of collectibles, and they're creating quite a stir, especially among avid hockey fans and collectors. This release brings an exciting array of features, with a particular spotlight on the future of the NHL, Connor Bedard cards and intriguing subsets.

Ironically you'll have to wait until Series 2 is released to get a selection of Bedard cards because as of now, the only Bedard card in Series 1 is SP-1. It's his first card photo taken. And it's selling for thousands.


Connor Bedard, often hailed as the next generational talent in hockey, has taken the hockey world by storm. The 2023-24 Series One set introduces special rookie cards dedicated to Bedard, capturing his early career moments on the ice. These cards are already drawing considerable attention from collectors and investors, eager to acquire a piece of history that might showcase the beginnings of an NHL legend.

Beyond the Connor Bedard cards, the 2023-24 Series One set is rich with various subsets that provide a comprehensive view of the NHL's current landscape. The "Young Guns" subset, which has become an iconic feature of Upper Deck releases, includes the most promising rookies from this season. It's a treasure trove for collectors looking to invest in the future stars of the league.

Additionally, the "UD Portraits" subset presents a unique and artistic approach to card design, featuring stunning player portraits that highlight the essence of each athlete. The "UD Canvas" subset offers a canvas-textured variation of some of the Young Guns rookies, adding an artistic dimension to the collection.


For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the 2023-24 Upper Deck Series One hockey cards offer an engaging and diverse range of cards. Whether you're hunting for Connor Bedard's promising beginnings or the thrilling Young Guns, this set is a must-have for any hockey card aficionado.
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Connor Bedard In Upper Deck's 2023 24 Series 1!

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