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Did the NHL Make A Mistake By "Hiding" Connor Bedard from the Media?

Published October 18, 2023 at 7:55 PM

In recent media coverage, Taylor Hall expressed openly that Connor Bedard was crumbling under the media's scrutiny.

The NHL refused to make him available to local media in Toronto, and the reporter there isn't having it and is taking the NHL to task for this.

"The Leafs did it for Matthews entire first season, it's pretty smart I think."

"Not silly, keeping him away from pathetic Toronto media and answering their idiotic questions makes perfect sense."

"What's the matter old Stevie? Mad you couldn't ask a passive aggressive d--k head question?" - Responses on X

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun wasn't happy about the decision to deny media access before and after the game. Since he didn't score during the 4-1 victory over the Maple Leafs, it wouldn't make sense to make him available to the media.

For years, Simmons has covered the Maple Leafs and has even had confrontations with Matthews. It goes without saying that the reporter does not have the best relationship with the team. In response to Bedard's lack of availability, Simmons has faced criticism and rightfully so.

"I covered hundreds of games Wayne Gretzky played, especially early in his career, and no one ever hid him from the cameras, even when he had nothing to say. I covered Mario Lemieux's rookie appearance in the NHL all-star game, where he won the MVP, and much as Lemieux would have loved to have spent his entire career never doing a single interview, he came to the podium that day. My first exposure to Sidney Crosby in any meaningful way came at the Memorial Cup in London, Ont. He only did interviews in days ending in Y...."

"Bedard doesn't seem fazed by it. The Blackhawks need to be less fazed themselves. There are times and places to hide Bedard after a win. Toronto on Monday wasn't one of them." - Steve Simmons

My column on Connor Bedard's first NHL trip to Toronto and the silly hiding of the superstar on the way.

He compared Bedard being kept away from reports to LeBron James doing daily interviews with reporters. Although LeBron is one of the most popular athletes on earth, the comparison isn't exactly accurate since Bedard is in his first year with the Hawks.

This isn't the first time Simmons has been in the news, and will surely not be the last.

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Did the NHL Make A Mistake By "Hiding" Connor Bedard from the Media?

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