Coach King publicly asks for one player not to be traded

Published February 22, 2022 at 9:18 PM

With reports and trade rumours swirling around the Blackhawks' moves ahead the trade deadline, today at practice Coach Derek King made a public request to interim GM Kyle Davidson to not trade one player specifically: Brandon Hagel.

Hagel's name has been widely reported in trade rumours, being linked to teams like the Leafs, Rangers, Panthers, and Devils by multiple insiders. Frank Seravalli from Daily Faceoff reported that the asking price for Hagel is significant - believed to be a first-round pick, a top prospect, and potentially more.

Hagel, only 23 years old and signed to three years at $1.5M, is a good offensive contributor and spark plug to the middle-six of any lineup. Considering his age and perceived potential, the Hawks believe he could fit their timeline of a short roster re-tool, and their asking price reflects that.
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