Blackhawks were in "Deep Talks" with this Enforcer

Published July 11, 2023 at 12:36

This off-season is a lot like the last one, with the Hawks racing to reach the cap floor and signing players to contracts they can possibly deal at the deadline. However, this off-season has one difference, and that is Connor Bedard.

Today, Milan Lucic said that 10-15 teams called him and that he had 'lengthy conversations' with the Blackhawks. He eventually went and signed with the Boston Bruins.

Milan Lucic is known for being an enforcer. He can hit, he can fight, and he has the size and weight to do it. Lucic is 35 years old and has been in the league for 17 years. Lucic had 7 goals and 12 assists, tallying up to 19 points in 77 games with the Calgary Flames last season.

So why would Davidson want him? Milan would have been brought in simply to protect Bedard and nothing else. Lucic doesn't fit the mold of a rebuild with his age and isn't impressive on the stat sheet. Corey Perry was most likely 'Plan A,' so if Davidson didn't get him he could've gone to Milan (the 'Plan B') and pay him a little more to help reach the cap floor.

At the end of the day, Corey Perry was brought in, and he's going to do what Milan Lucic would've done; protect Connor Bedard.
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Blackhawks were in "Deep Talks" with this Enforcer

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