Was Oliver Moore almost a Detroit Red Wing?

Published July 11, 2023 at 12:35

Kyle Davidson made every effort to acquire centerman Oliver Moore through various means.

He aimed to secure their desired player by trading up, but at one point, the team was uncertain if Oliver Moore would be available to them.

#Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson's reaction to Oliver Moore falling into their laps at No. 19 overall after he tried trading up to get him is priceless.

As it turned out, the Detroit Red Wings selected Axel Sandin-Pellikka at pick 17, and the Winnipeg Jets picked Coby Barlow at pick 18, leaving the way open for Moore to fall to Davidson's team.

Davidson was taken aback by how events unfolded, and the management team felt they had secured a fantastic steal in Moore at such a low spot in the draft.

Moore has immense potential and will be going to Minnesota to develop into the center they envisage him becoming in the future.
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Was Oliver Moore almost a Detroit Red Wing?

Was Oliver Moore a steal at #19?

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No3110.8 %
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