Bedard explains his vision while in the shadow of McDavid.

Published September 4, 2023 at 3:19 PM

Comparing superstars is certainly not an easy task. These individuals operate at a level of competition and skill that most players can only dream of attaining. Yet, they possess a God-given talent, complemented by their work ethic, intelligence, and skills, which unequivocally place them on a different plane.

Newly drafted Blackhawk, Connor Bedard, discussed his position relative to superstar Connor McDavid in an interview during the BioSteel camp in Nova Scotia last week. Bedard's humility and directness in his explanation reflect his personality and character, both as a person and a player.

After viewing this clip, it's evident that Bedard is a young man who will continually be compared to a superstar, living in his shadow. As Bedard matures, we will witness the kind of man he becomes and the extent of his talent. His talent is unquestionable, having scored over 70 goals last year with the Regina Pats. The lingering question is whether he can make a successful transition to the NHL and prove to pundits and scouting staff across the league that he is the real deal.

Additionally, I appreciate the fact that Bedard demonstrates complete respect for Connor McDavid's craft and expresses his desire to forge his own path as a player, rather than constantly being compared to McDavid.

It is undoubtedly an exciting time in the NHL, with so many talented players in the league. This influx of talent will continue to elevate the quality of hockey and maintain its high entertainment value.
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Bedard explains his vision while in the shadow of McDavid.

Will Connor Bedard become his own vision as a player?

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