There's a path to NHL for women, possibly in this way

Published September 4, 2023 at 4:13

The use of emergency backup goalies has gained notoriety in the wake of David Ayres' short stint as a leaf killer for the Carolina Hurricanes.

A backup provider in this situation will normally be a professional from a different industry, like someone who plays beer league, or a student who usually fills the role.

EBUG Alert: For many NHL teams this year, the best available EBUG may be a woman...and it could be historic

They are typically put into service because of an injury that occurs nine times out of ten.

An NHL Insider Ian Kennedy of The Hockey News says that with the rise of the PWHL in the NHL, a woman goaltender of high caliber could soon be able to fill the role of an EBUG in the NHL.

Considering that there are only a limited number of roster spots in the PWHL, there's a possibility that filling an EBUG role would be an excellent way for a high-caliber goalkeeper to stay in shape ahead of a possible call-up.

As exciting as this idea may seem, considering the quality of women's hockey players today, how likely is it that the NHL will accept the idea?

I believe that they should consider it as a viable option if it can allow them to secure a spot.

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There's a path to NHL for women, possibly in this way

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