Connor Bedard issues statement on being targeted by opponents

Connor Bedard issues statement on being targeted by opponents

Published March 4, 2024 at 10:55

During the Colorado Avalanche-Chicago Blackhawks game, things got heated. The team conceded five goals and failed to respond in kind.

Even though Connor Bedard's skillful play added spice to the game, it wasn't enough to beat the former Stanley Cup champions.

During the match, Josh Manson hit Bedard on the hands with his stick in what could be considered anything but a hockey play.


Yet he wouldn't receive any punishment for slashing and targeting the Blackhawk's top player.

Again, the officiating this season shows a collapse in decision-making.

As a result of all of this, Connor Bedard has decided to take the high road.

The 2nd time Bedard has been subject to questionable plays, he says he understands it happens in the NHL.

It has been easier for the 2023 first-round selection to adjust to the NHL than some of his peers.

The argument Bedard uses is that actions like this keep him in the game, which is questionable. In a losing game, should it take actions such as this to keep him engaged?

This led to Bedard punching the boards in anger, as a result of the missed call.

Despite his best efforts, his nerves got the best of him, and he might have injured his hand had his punches to the boards connected correctly. This again begs the question of where were the referees or Nick Foligno?

Some fans, however, continue to view this as a "Welcome to NHL" moment.

We just need Tim Peel's garbage take next to complete the circle.
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Connor Bedard issues statement on being targeted by opponents

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